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... proto-page for "3 (cyber) Sisters" production -- that's when I began to store/keep my notes online.

Two main Parts : script & stage. In acting/directing classes I call it "visualization" -- director's reading of plays. []

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1. Conceptualization

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4. Cating + Rehearsals (periods)

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"Show After Show"


3 Sisters, Chekhov, new translation by Anatoly Antohin for first Virtual Theatre production at University of Alaska Fairbanks, 1999 *
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Stage Directing Theory
Directing Theory: pre-text, text and super-text
-- 2007 updates : last web changes...
Use monologues/scenes for your classes!



Director's Notes

I do not know when I will have time to organize "3 Sisters" archive. This is my first virtual theatre experiment with online extention of the production and rehearsal process (see-subscribe to 3sis Forum, which I use for acting classes (Method Acting).


Use text and my notes for your class assignments!

Print monologue -- and turn it in ACTOR'S SCRIPT -- see Mono 1 or go to THR121 Fundamentals of Acting.



What is the SYSTEM for weekly production meeting?
Stuff (just a few MUST items)...


Reports format?


Evaluation a Show:
Play: _________

Characters: (list ones your remember)
Secondary :

Conflict (External and Internal):

Plot: (Linear * Epic * Cyclic * Plotless)
Summarise (including the subplots)


Stylistic Features (Concept):


Dramatic Appeal:

Representative Quote:

Evaluation of Directing:
Play/Production: _______
Director's Name:


Visual Elements:



Names of Principle Actors and Characters:

Supporting Actors & Characters:

Evaluating the Designs:
Scene Designer/Set:
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2008 R/G are Dead (pre-production period stages -- description ar, class + theatre blog?)
2005: Total Acting & Total Directing *

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* one act fest

Russian & Soviet Theatre (Rudnitzki) *

Chekhov on DVD

Chekhov Books

Chekhov Plays

Virtual Theatre

Godot'06: I am not using much vTheatre eGroup... why?



Pinter - Homecoming
Theatre UAF * Fall.06 = Oleanna

pre-production pages:

vTheatre Postmodern Project * 2006

Postmortem -- page? (Student Handbook?) in stagematrix

SM: Gives report during the Postmortem.

Dramaturg and AD? Takes notes (who?).

post-production (Dramaturg Pages)

notes page

... 2008

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3 Sisters UAF -- Production Notes & How to Use 3sis Archive : Y2K

... and reflections on "Notes"

Director's Notes -- for cast, crew, himself and some active spectators.

For myself, first.

But "After-Show" reading is for you, spectator! [ Book of Spectator ]

... 3 Sisters = 3 Muses

Thir name are...

Chekhov - Playscript Analysis

3 Sisters, from Act 3

3 Sisters, Scene 2

See monologues in Index!

Stage directions in our script are different from the original (to reflect the flexable audience sitting and the five major acting areas).

There are four characters absent in UAF version, mostly because we needed to shorten the time of the show.

Production is not a period piece and the changes in refences to characters' name reflect it. "Created World" concept.

The New Character-Narrator: The Screen!

See Theatre UAF for more information.

Transparent House of Prozorovs: no walls, simultanious action.

See Chekhov Pages! ... and 3 Sisters Archives!

Do I want to direct another (big) Chekhov?

I don't know... [ see "Notes" pages in other subdirectories ]

- Primary Bibliography: Writings by Chekhov

- Secondary Bibliography: Reviews

- Secondary Bibliography: Books, Articles, Sections

- Author Index: Secondary Bibliographies

- General Index
2004 & After

projects: The Shrewing

texts: Oedipus

in focus: Rashomon

playsChekhov, Ibsen, Shakespeare


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2008 --

Next: Notes
Concept Ideas (images)

Four Jokes + One Funeral mini-chekhov05 (UAF main stage)

Read "Chekhov Pages" in

Chekhov: Farces & Love Letters -- Fall 2004 Fall 2005 -- another Chekhov. Silly and cynical. A doctor, who wrote for money. At least he said it... The monsters, the clowns, human caricatures -- they became Soviets, the rule history ever since.

He thought that he is one of them.

So did I.

Gorky took it to the tragic mode, but could a goat could be tragic? (N)

Chekhov was born a century before his own.

I wish he would write what he thought of you, reader.

I want to write about you, my "visitor"...

I will.

[ Chekhov After Chekhov: Doctor Anton Chekhov knew about his TB since he was 24 -- and he became a writer and a humorist. This is his last day and last hour -- "Four Jokes + One Funeral"... ]

--- PoMo Chekhov [ web only ]

2006: Beckett Year!
Godot photo-tour:

2006: Total Directing

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