... in search of known.

anti-discovery concept : all answers are out there, you google them, Hamlet!

What you cannot find on the Internet, doesn't have right to exist.

"Discovering America"...

You must be kidding?

Self-discovery, what a concept!


Everything is known and known to everybody ... celebrity.

What about mystery?

About miracle, the exceptional...

How can I find something that nobody knows?


Are you talking about this thing, art?


How did you do your research, Anatoly?


* Oedipus X : 2005 * Sophocles
Tragedy : case-study
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2008 -- Stoppard's Case

2009 : www.astr.org -- my membership is not renewed for many years.

ATHE -- same.



RESEARCH : Academic

Now I have to think about the contacts again. Theatre LUL School [filmplus.org/ET and EU]

Conferences in Addis Ababa ? Theatre festival ?

Russian-American Theatre Program experience 1992-1994 [ what to use? ]

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Which G or Y group to redirect for RESEARCH purpose?


* Update "research" pages [ like anatoly.vtheatre.net/research ], while updating CV/resume!

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web directing?

... screen + stage = web

Actually, virtual?

Theatre of One

Book of Spectator, when you are ALL, when you are author and viewer...

Returning to RITUAL?

What about "others"?

... [pause]

Anatoly 12.7.08
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2006: Beckett Year!

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