2008 - 2009 Janhoy



old man [HIM and/or Aba Gum]

buda, evil spirit

woman [ mother & wife ]

... 20th century

[ one act? 60 min. ]

... 2010 Janhoy?

Lul Theatre from http://anatolant.vox.com/

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* 2006: Man of Millennium (MoM) project * Theatre Theory Pages
3 Sisters Discussion Group: Method & Realism

Twelfth Night: Comedy & biomechanics

New pages-files on possible future shows: Amadeus, David Z. and Four Books

What about "Simulacra" and "One Day in A Life of Mickey Mouse"? (my new plays) ... [ no! ] Summer 2006 (?): Since being introduced in the late 80s, the Jamaica Carnival has become an established event and a promotional tool for Jamaican tourism. A group led by Byron Lee of the Dragonnaires decided to share what they had been experiencing at the Trinidad Carnival. Initially regarded by most of the population as a spectator event, carnival is now being embraced by the man on the street. Unlike the Eastern Caribbean where carnival grew out of the French and Catholic tradition, carnival in Jamaica was for decades celebrated only at the University of the West Indies, Mona. The Jamaica Carnival is a celebration of a different kind, a celebration at Easter rather than before Lent. Local costume designers are bringing their special talents to this spectacle.


I do not know how the film project will evolve (documentary); just notes related...

HIM 1966 visit

* Oedipus X : 2005 * Sophocles
Tragedy : case-study
The Importance of Being Earnest

Oedipus X


vTheatre PM project

From Ethiopia: History

Culture and Cultures



* history.sellassie.net

9.11.2008 -- the date?

... vtheatre.net/oedipus


Trinity HyperTheatre Project


[jumpcut.com files] 1936 [small video files?]

I try to stay away from directing my own scripts, but some scripts are written for MY shows.

The scenes (drafts) are @ Sellassie WWW, since this is the story of HIM.

First, it was originated as a reggae musical. Second, in several locations, including Ethiopia (similar to "The Story of David Z." -- in several languages). Third, I do not know if I can do it before I finish the book -- "H.I.M."


Ethiopian Millennium [2007] :

1892 -- and the rest of the HS story as flashforwards...

Postmodern Ethiopians [ pomo.vtheatre.net -- Utopia Files ] ... History is no more!

... Oedipus and HamletDreams pages.

... Fallaci: Your Majesty, I would like you to tell me something about yourself. Tell me were you ever an disobedient youth? But maybe I ought to ask you first whether you have ever had time to be young, Your Majesty? (From his last interview)

... "A large clock, one meter square, was later installed above one of the palace buildings. It was visible from afar, and chimed every hour, thus, it is reported, enabling the citizens, perhaps for the first time in their lives, to go to work on time." European history came to Africa. [The clock on the City Hall tower stopped working at the time of revolution. They say it was fixed in 1995, we left never seen the clock legs move. AA]


Time stopped. Sound.

60 min. radio-drama


Multiple narrators: see notes on Bakhtin @ antohin.tripod.com

--- Collect the images! [ photobucket.com/ethiopia ]

In Four Books (last days) -- my reaction on "The Passion of the Christ" (here is the second part "Promice of Rsurrection"). Gibson? Too much religion, too little thought ("movie"). Death only.

This project is on my short "wish list," but requires a lot of work; the time I do not have.

A musical?

"Dancer in the Dark" -- reality inside of dreams.

Demons, angels, spectacle -- this is their age, The Holy Ghost Millenium, our time.

Anatoly 2004.

... Baby Tafari Makonnen was born on July 23, 1892, according to western calendar; in the year of St. John, one of the four evangelists, according to Ethiopians. John the Divine, who received the Revelation of the end of the world and the Judgment Day. It was a rain season, when the dried land is resurrected by water. It was the time after the Fast of Moses and before the Fast of Apostles and the Fast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. It was a good time to be born. A boy was born, not a prince...


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* 2007 web-video updates -- [ ... ]


"I have no name:
I am but two days old."
What shall I call thee?
"I happy am,
Joy is my name."
Sweet joy befall thee!
(Infant Joy, Blake 1789)


HIM photo-archives:

[ MM video.google.com & youtube.com/anatolant ethiopian playlists/group ]


... who came after [dergue photos]

[sound -- e-liturgy file]

... and documentary [ what took place after his death ] -- Story of Ghost in Hamlet, his existence [ after-life].

... images & sounds.

folk songs :

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* Updates will be on the above pages! Anatoly 13.6.2009

... Lul plans and director's notes -- G-groups [stagematrix & playwright]

* Read antohin.wordpress.com [Lul-blog]

[ calendar ]

... him.filmplus.org/1892 -- first page [HIM Book]

From Ethiopia: History

... I do not know if I ever get to this project. The concept is old, the idea is very old. Anatoly 6.7.07

notes Notes on shows directed and dreamed about...

HIM is one of them.


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