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2008 Stoppard and witty writing [ Poetics, Texture, Language ]

... Wilde is difficult to stage, because it's such a pleasure to hear?

... Aesthetics : New Adam must be ARTIST and "Dancing Jesus" ( Wilde' s answer to NietzscheS )

Theatre is a King's Fool of Philosophy : Too be too serious about oneself is stupid, Divine Dante, sir.

1. Wilde as a write, not just a playwright.

2. critic

3. Philosophy : "Man is a Style"; man is his creation (see PoMo).


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O, the Ghost of Commedia?! ... * compare w/Shakespeare (Shrew, 12th Night) Oscar Wilde

2007 [ scenes/monologues list ]

... Wilde and the Postmodern : ID and Identity : Given Name/Number and my own Created Identity (Staged Existentialism).


The Importance of Being Earnest

2007 : THR215 Dramatic Literature Class
acting - directing classes

... Jack and Algernon : "friends" idea

... 1. Why funny is funny?
2. Why we should laugh at ourselves?

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Old and Ne Greek comedy -- tradition, tradition, tradition!

dramaturgy and playwrighting (lessons)

Wilde's Glossary of Theatre and Life


Theatre of Oscar Wilde

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