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From Century Readings in English Literature:

The term ‘Victorian’ was often used in the first quarter of the twentieth century as an adjective of depreciation to signify anything out of fashion and therefore to be despised. As a matter of fact, the period is characterized by a steady and rapid growth on fundamental questions of politics, economics, natural science, ethics, and religious belief. Its weakest points were prudery as to matters of sex and intolerance of points of view diverging from the established conventions. At the beginning of the period the power of ‘Mrs. Grundy,’ resting upon middle class prejudice, and supported by the all-pervading influence of the squire and the parson, was supreme, and writers like Thackeray groaned over the conventional and sometimes hypocritical restrictions by which their artistic freedom was curtailed; but at the end of the period, with the admission of women to higher education and the learned professions, even more perhaps their use of the bicycle and the tennis racket, conventional restriction had already started on its way to the growing laxity of the twentieth century.

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The biggest -- the postmodern applications of The Importance of Being Earnest: homosexuality (Jack-Algernon love story), gender as construction (all identities are invented and created). Self-irony. The "comedy" as a genre is the ironic device for Wilde. "The comedy of errors" and coincidences -- emphasized on purpose.

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OSCAR WILDE (1854-1900):

OSCAR WILDE was born in Dublin in 1854. His early education was received in his native country; after three years at Trinity College, Dublin, he completed his academic course at Oxford. While still at Oxford his reputation as a wit and an "esthete" had begun to spread, and when in 1881 he published his first book, a volume of poems, he was already famous. His first play, "Vera, or the Nihilists," appeared two years afterward. "The Duchess of Padua," a verse tragedy, followed in 1891. In 1884 Wilde married, and devoted his time entirely to writing, editorial work, and lecturing. The important plays -- "Lady Windermere's Fan," "A Woman of No Importance," "An Ideal Husband," and "The Importance of Being Earnest" -- were performed in London during the height of the author's brilliant career, between 1892 and 1895. That career was cut short in 1895 when Wilde was sentenced to two years' imprisonment at hard labor following a trial that roused the entire civilized world. On leaving prison Wilde adopted the name of Sebastian Melmoth and went to France; there and at Naples he dragged out the few remaining years of his life. He died in Paris in 1900.

In his "De Profundis" Wilde said: "I took the drama, the most objective form known to art, and made of it as personal a mode of expression as the lyric or the sonnet; at the same time I widened its range and enriched its characterization."

This article was originally published in Representative One-Act Plays by British and Irish Authors. Ed. Barrett H. Clark. Boston: Little, Brown, and Co., 1921. pp. 3-4. The Importance of Being Earnest is a classic comedy play by Oscar Wilde. It was first performed for the public on February 14, 1895 at the St. James' Theatre in London.

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