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... I wanted to write (book?) about directing (thinking) "The Importance of Being Earnest" -- director's notebook.

I still think that this play is not (properly) used in acting and directing classes. Most important, as NEW drama (new comedy, connected with Chekhov and Beckett, and -- Stoppard).

Where is my postmodern analysis of W?

"(The) Trivial Comedy for Serious People" -- the tragic emptiness of the story is missed. "Comedy of Manners"? You must be kidding!

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The initial intent was to help myself, cast and crew, during the production. The archives -- only a by-product of this process. So, I do it with every new sow I direct (since the Fall of 1999 -- The Three Sisters). Next, Spring 2003 -- Don Juan by Molieire. Wilde in Class(es)


Godot'06 (Absurd and Wilde)

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... Pre-production is the most important period... you understand it is so clearly, when the show is over.

Postproduction is important element of the pre-production for your new show!


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HamletDreams -- anatomy of tragedy

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Review and self-reflection time: post-production period theatre-style.

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(Re)reading The Importance of Being Earnest

Keep your notes! Keep making them! Learn how to take notes!

Study of Comedy and nature of comical: applications for acting, directing and play writing.

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