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Never say "never"?

Never the less, I think that Caligari (Spring'09) could be last live show i direct.

Maybe, just maybe, I will spend more time on webpages about shows I directed already, or, most likely, I will focus of my nonfiction (useless) writing.

Something I need, and looks like nobody else.

My instructional pages will be updated only when they are related to my research interests : webshow [ web as spectacle ], theory of directing [ ] and so on.

Read my blogs! I got a lot of them.

Ant [ not anatolant anymore ]

... How to know when the page is updated?

I have no idea.

Shows * How to write something which still is not fully developed? Pages of this directory are updated without notice; more, there is a chance that some of the shows will have another life in Ethiopia [Lul Theatre]... anatoly09
2005: The purpose of my online production books was to assist myself, cast and crew during pre-production and rehearsal periods. After the show is over I use webpages for my classes: directing, acting, drama. To help myself and students in my directing classes I decided to make my own process of directing transparent. I thought that I can use my shows as a model of ShowCases (after all I am in educational theatre). Why not to show the PROCESS of working with the text, designers, actors while staging a new show?

In Russia we called it "Open Rehearsals" -- the web and internet makes it possible today. The time will come, when the live webcast of the rehearsal process could be visible too. But more important the inner directorial process, the invisible.

I teach THR331 Fundamentals of Directing and I hope that my students can make some use of the SHOWS directory. I order "Directors on Directing" onthology -- and no textbook on directing, use the webpages, please!

On your left see the main directory (monologues and scenes are for actors and directors in my classes).

There are pages on the shows I want to direct...

Come back, I made this page a point of entrance to SHOWS directory and therefore I have to work on it!


Meyerhold @ Work *


Dramaturgy * What Is Dramaturgy? by Bert Cardullo; Peter Lang, 1995

What did I learn by doing "online" prodiction notes?


2005: Oedipus is the last show with online directing notes. I do not have time to complete the webpages; I have to move to another project and the number unfinished web-shows keeps growing. I must stop, go back to turn the directories into "show-cases"!

oedipus05 images **

2005 updates: Small Chekhov Fall * "Four Farces & One Funeral" -- Chekhov.05
Chekhov's one-acts are updated -- The Bear, The Proposal (1st act -- Oh, Love!), Wedding, Tobacco (Act II -- Ah, Marriage!), but I'm still working on the "funeral" (Last Day of Anton Chekhov). mini-chekhov
I am teaching DramLit -- (subscribe) and see THR215 for subjects, topics, titles.
Spring 2006 -- Waiting for Godot, Beckett -- new pages ( see shows )

The Director and the Stage: From Naturalism to Grotowski by Edward Braun; Holmes & Meier, 1982 : read


Directing Part 5. Four Lessons: THR331

vTheatre Postmodern Project * 2006 (Pinter + Mamet) theatre directing group

2007 -- first year when I do not direct...

Utopia Project : how far can I get doing it as a webshow? (Before Spring 2008 Theatre UAF production).

Some shows I will never direct, but I teach drama (DramLit'07) -- and I could use classes for staging "imaginary" shows. "The Cherry Orchard" -- ... [dramaturgy files] -- Lul Theatre-School

New places where I work on new projects -- + G-groups : and -- playwright...




MyShows intro

Shakespeare - Dramatic Literature
I do not know if and when I can get there, but after three years of webbing and using it for my productions, I believe that eventually I could have what I call "WebTheatre" --no, not the Virtual Theatre!

What is Web-Theatre?

Something between book and performance... I will eleborate on it later, read vTheatre Files first.

In this SHOWS directory you can find the archives of the shows I directed (and you can see how the process of production becomes more web-depended with each new show). Now I use the eGroups for communications with actors and the crew, you can follow the chracter exploration and character development in each show (method). Also, it's helpfull for directors -- to see the development of the concept through many stages (visualization).

2006 Web and Directing:

Reflictions on my six years of online exprience, i.e. pre-production, production and poxst-production cycles. [ ]


I place the WebTheatre logo on other pages for you to find your way back to this directory:
... Let me repeat myself (from Film600 and

Where teaching and studying (research) meet --

Theme-thought, according to different playwrights (Shakespeare, Ibsen, Strindberg, Chekhov and so on) and directors (Fillini, Kurosawa, Tarkovsky, Bergman pages).

Connections with other themes (list): family, gender and sex...

Finally, my own practical investigations: (only recently I began to make themes pages, Don Juan 2003, for example).

And the nonfiction (writing), of course: HIM, Father-Russia, PostAmeriKa, Self, POV, Tech (gatepages are in WRITE directory).

Yeah, yeah, there is more -- "philo" pages, metaphysics: in theatre theory directory, for instance (topics-bar: space, time and etc.)
Plus, Virtual Theatre and Book of Spectator!

Web? Oh, this is just medium. Like stage, screen, writing...
virtual theatre

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I began to use webpages for my classes in the Fall of 1998. In the Spring of 1999 I used it for the class project on "3 Sisters" (advanced directing and acting classes). In the Fall -- we did the main stage production of "3 Sisters" with the webcast. Next was "12th Night" and "WWWilde"... Now -- HamletDreams... (there are some materials from my pre-web directing).


My next show (Spring 2002) "Dangerous Liaisons" is the box-office title, but maybe I still can find the vTheatre applications in it.

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2006: Beckett Year!

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