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Featured Pages: The Comedy & The Comedic

I directed "The Bear" (NYC), "Wedding" (Chekhov) -- and "The Inspector General" (UAF). You see? Listed the mini-comedies by Chekhov as Gogol's.... Because all what Chekhov did, he wrote them for Gogol. Only with the Seagul, he broke away into the new drama.

"The Gamblers" -- on my wish list. NEW:




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^ The Shrew Film Directing "showcase" ^ UAF Fall 2005: Small Chekhov
Gogol by V. V. Gippius, Robert A. Maguire, Robert A. Maguire; Duke University Press, 1989

Nikolai Gogol, 1809-1852: A Centenary Survey by Janko Lavrin; Sylvan Press, 1951

Masterpieces of the Russian Drama Vol. 1 by George Rapall Noyes; Dover Publications, Inc., 1960

Gogol, Nikolai (1809-1852) *

Vsevolod Meyerhold

Monologue Study: 1 101 * 2 comedy * 3 drama *

Meyerhold and His Set Designers Book by Marjorie L. Hoover; Peter Lang, 1988 [questia.com]

2006 anatoly.org




Russian American Theatre Files
I consider Gogol to be a father of the Russian Drama.

I leave aside his prose. I never had any intentions for adapting it -- too good on the page, I do not want to cut anything.

Since I do not teach anything Russian, Gogol doesn't come into my zone -- and this is too bad.

First, because this dramatic technique is no less advanced than his prose.

Do you want to see how the well-made play looks like -- read The Inspector General.

I change it a bit, when I directed it as "Inve$tor General" -- as any masterpiece it's ready for interpretation. I might say it asks for it!

It's ready to be updated. Almost like the scripts by Shakespeare.

There are a few things which became antiquated, but the main treasure is still working -- the human nature expressed in the comedic dramatic mode!

And of course, the types and archetypes!

* 2005 mini-Chekhov *

Let me repeat myself (from Film600 and script.vtheatre.net):

Where teaching and studying (research) meet --

Theme-thought, according to different playwrights (Shakespeare, Ibsen, Strindberg, Chekhov and so on) and directors (Fillini, Kurosawa, Tarkovsky, Bergman pages).

Connections with other themes (list): family, gender and sex...

Finally, my own practical investigations: shows.vtheatre.net (only recently I began to make themes pages, Don Juan 2003, for example).

And the nonfiction (writing), of course: HIM, Father-Russia, PostAmeriKa, Self, POV, Tech (gatepages are in WRITE directory).

Yeah, yeah, there is more -- "philo" pages, metaphysics: in theatre theory directory, for instance (topics-bar: space, time and etc.)
Plus, Virtual Theatre and Book of Spectator!

Web? Oh, this is just medium. Like stage, screen, writing...

A Comedy in Five Acts
( 1836)
Translated by John Laurence Seymour and George Rapall Noyes
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