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... of course, this is "dream" project. Mirror, Dreams, Amarcord ...

After 2009

Ulysses online + ulysses searchable [ long wishlist ]
3 Sisters Discussion Group: Method & Realism

Twelfth Night: Comedy & biomechanics

New pages-files on possible future shows: Amadeus, David Z. and Four Books


I don't know if I ever get to Joyce...


Mirror, Amarcord ans other "dream"shows...

Virtual Theatre Shows-Projects?

After 2009?

... unlikely I'll get to it even for

no script...

Joyce Ulysses Project

somewhere in the future...
Must be done outside of US for the copyright reason (?).

Joyce Cntr

Joyce Page

Very usefull: Joyce Text, Links, Analysis ** *** Text & Notes


Next: 4books
To think about (to write)... same as with Mirror.

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